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Dyno-Scanner for Dynamometer and Windows Automotive Scanner
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Dyno-Scanner for Dynamometer and Windows Automotive Scanner
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     Dyno-Scanner for Dynamometer and Windows Automotive Scanner

    Supported Languages: English,  Spanish, French, Hungarian, Greek, Deutsch and Italian


    Diagnose your Check Engine light, data log engine sensors, measure horsepower and torque, and measure instant and average fuel economy using your Windows PC. Enhanced OBD II options offer ABS and airbag support. Pays for itself in one or two uses by skipping the dealer and clearing the Check Engine light yourself. Dyno-Scanner can do this and much more.
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    1. Powerful OBD II diagnostic scan tool and road dynamometer.
    2. Works on 1996 or newer vehicles including American, Asian and European.
    3. Read/clear the dashboard Check Engine light, display the freeze frame, and viewing live data streams.
    4. Enhanced OBD II upgrade options support ABS and airbag diagnostic trouble codes.
    5. Measure instant and average MPG and fuel used on any vehicle. Help save gas by monitoring fuel usage in real-time. 
    6. Unique parameters such as air/fuel ratio, boost pressure, instant and average MPG, fuel used and fuel rate (gal/hr).
    7. Supports 264 vehicle parameters. The latest May 2007 SAE J1979 OBD II standards are fully supported.
    8. Metric and English units of measure. I/M readiness.
    9. Record any number parameters for as long as you want. 
    10 .Graphically view the entire recording with each data point time stamped. 
    11. Plugs into the OBD II connector located under the dashboard.
    12. Access to thousands of generic and enhanced diagnostic trouble code definitions are displayed directly on screen.
    13. Vehicle horsepower/torque and acceleration times are measured and graphically displayed.
    14.0-60 time, 1/8 and 1/4 mile time and speed, MPG, and top speed.
    15. All OBD II and EOBD protocols supported: CAN bus, VPW, PWM, ISO and KWP 2000. 
    16. High speed CAN 6x communication mode reads six sensors per vehicle message.
    17. Supports diagnostic modes 1 through 9.
    18. Supports enhanced diagnostic modes 13, 14, 17, and 18.
    19. PC software works on all Windows operating systems: 98, ME, 2000, XP

    Key Feature:

    1. More Parameters and 6x Data Speeds Dyno-Scanner supports 264 different parameters, including unique parameters like air/fuel ratio, instant and average fuel economy and boost pressure. On CAN bus equipped vehicles, the software reads six sensors per vehicle message making data throughput up to 6 times faster!
    2. ABS and Airbag Support, Need to read/clear ABS or airbag diagnostic trouble codes:
    Dyno-Scanner offers inexpensive manufacturer-specific enhanced OBDII upgrade options for many make/model vehicles. Typically reading ABS/airbag codes is only available using a high cost, dealer-level scan tool. Now read/clear ABS, airbag, transmission and other codes from your vehicle with inexpensive enhanced software upgrade.
    3. Professional Software:
    Dyno-scanner software is the most advanced and user friendly on the market. Automatically detects the vehicle protocol and supported parameters. Easily select parameters for viewing using line graphs and meters. Analyze and view an entire recording with zoom, scroll and individual time stamps. Complete user interface customization with docking toolbars and auto-hide side panels.
    4. Superior Hardware:
    The Dyno-Scanner OBD II adapter hardware is an all-in-one design engineered from the ground up to support all OBD II hardware protocols. The adapter comes with ruggedized cables and a super long 12-foot total cable length. 
    5.  Dyno Features:
    Invented the scan tool dynamometer and its still the best. The horsepower/torque and acceleration features are powered by advanced mathematics and proprietary algorithms to offer unparalleled accuracy and repeatability, proven by hours of testing against a chassis dynamometer. Check out the fine detail in our HORSEPOWER/TORQUE and ACCELERATION graph screen shots, something our competition just can't match.
    6. Description Databases: Diagnostic trouble code definition databases contain thousands of generic and enhanced code definitions.

    Vehicle Connection:

    Dyno-Scannerner easily connects to your vehicle. Just plug the USB cable into the PC and the OBD II cable into the connector under the dashboard. It's that easy!
    Vehicle Connection

    Q: Can SP92 change the car's ECU and use with a Windows 7 system?
    A: No, it can not change the ECU & we suggest using a Windows XP system.

    Contact Information:

    Whatsapp: +86-18627085849

    Live Support: Chat with us online



    If you have any problem, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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